Responsive google maps

Remember the days we used to put a static image of a roadmap on a website, usually accompanied by silly directions in case you came from the North, South or Mars? It was only some time later, when the web matured and google stopped being just a search engine, that a new corporate ‘how to get here / where are we located’ toy was born. Google invented google maps, pretty soon yahoo followed and Microsoft, well… they tend to do everything the rest does, it only takes them a little longer. Continue…

iPad wifi intercom solution

There seems to be a solution to the problem: iDoorCam:


Before digging into the whole iPad domotica topic I wanted to give you a little background information.

My girlffriend and I use some shared calendars so we can schedule things perfectly, therefore, our paper calendar ended up in the rubbish bin and this was the trigger for my idea. It’s not revolutionary but I’m surprised nobody has started developing descent solutions. Continue…

Mobile banking app

I have never been a true believer of the online banking website. It’s slow, uses unrecognizable icons (which I have to hover over every single time because I still don’t know what they mean), but most of all I hate the fact I have to get  their silly cardreader and type these security codes every time I want to do something… Continue…

The social cms

Think about your favorite CMS and how it handles digital asset management. It gives you the ability to upload pictures, videos, audio files and every other possible document format that exists, right?

Imagine that the asset management didn’t store your uploads on your hosting’s disk space? Imagine you could link it to the social services that are out there? Continue…

Do websites need to look the same in every browser?

Oldie but goldy…

It can be a hell sometimes fixing a project and tweaking stuff to work in all browsers (specially IE8/7/6). I’ve given up pixel perfect designs across browsers a long time ago, because that way I can only use stuff that is supported by the least capable browser. Another way to achieve some of the nicer features like rounded borders, shadows, highlights, text shadow, etc… would be using a sh*tload of images. Some of them can be fixed with css, even some javascript, others would use extra markup to achieve the effect wanted. This all leads to one thing:


cheap jQuery fix for the firefox video loop problem

People who know me know how much I hate flash, therefore when I heard about html5 video and audio I did a happy dance. Recently I had the opportunity to use the video tag in one of my projects and my excitement got a little tempered when I learned that the loop attribute doesn’t work in Firefox. My main browser of choice is safari, too bad not many of my customers visitors share this opinion, so a jQuery fix was needed. It’s far from perfect and it doesn’t work flawless, but it get’s the job done. The only quirk is the little delay to restart the video on end.

$('video[loop="loop"]').bind('ended', function(){;